Drama in Class: Dear Diary!

February 1st

Dear Diary!

You won’t believe what happened to me today: I think today I took the first major step on the way to my acting career! I even got the chance to perform on the main stage of the Landestheater in Salzburg, even though it was my first day (a dream came true)!!! Together with my fellow artists (no serious competitors) I got an awesome mask and the shoemaker showed me a huge range of various shoes to choose from. Some of them went up to the knee, others were hip-high and in my favourite you could even play hide and seek. In addition I was given a backstage tour and the friendly staff familiarized me with all the technical devices used to create special effects.
Then there was my great moment: The spotlights directed on me, the curtains were pulled aside and there was…an empty auditorium.

In the evening I went to the Off-Theater. It is a newly built house, where sometimes impro-plays are shown. They cared so much about my opinion that they reserved a seat in the first row. I was really fascinated by the play, but sometimes I had to help them with some of my great ideas: “Gemma Leute”, “Das wissen nur die Götter” and “Gib a Ruah, Oida!” were some of my famous phrases. And I have to say, the actors and actresses really made the most of them! Brilliant!!
I even learned something about Biology. They introduced me to the recently discovered so-called “rammelndes Schneckäleon”. Aaand I also was permitted to show my excitement by throwing roses or shouting “Lea, die Welle!” whenever I really enjoyed something.

All in all, it was a fascinating and world changing day for me. It was the best school trip we have ever made; the guide in the theatre was very friendly and now I am absolutely sure that acting is my dream job!!

Goodnight my beloved diary!